The Par•4 Team

Par•4’s management team has over 250 years of combined experience in all facets of golf course management. From the longest-tenured turf consultant for Augusta National Golf Club, to nationally Certified Golf Course Superintendents and PGA Professionals, our team has the skill, experience and insight to take any facility to the next level.

Dr. Richard Hurley, PhD, CPAg – Head Agronomist

As a turf grass specialist, Richard Hurley has extensive international experience in both improving turf management and breeding new higher performing grasses for golf courses. At Rutgers University, he made significant contributions to the turf grass management education and research program. He has also consulted on dozens of golf course design and construction projects throughout the world. Dr. Hurley has assisted in course preparation for 30 Masters and 10 U.S. Open tournaments. His unmatched experience can provide your course with expertise previously available only to the world’s most elite courses.

Kam Brian, Corporate Attorney

Properly managing golf course facilities requires expertise and experience in dealing with public utilities, vendors, municipalities, governing authorities and a host of other regulatory agencies. Our corporate attorney, Kam Brian, has overseen the purchase, lease and management transition of numerous properties. In house counsel is an indispensable part of ensuring a smooth transition as we take on additional properties. Kam’s legal expertise protects ownership and management on everything from corporate transactions and contracts to risk management and human resources. Having an attorney on staff also controls cost by preventing unnecessary expenditures on expensive outside legal fees.

Nancy Eaton, CCA, CIT, CDS, Chief Financial Officer

Our CFO, Nancy Eaton, has been a key part of the success of numerous landscape and golf related businesses throughout her highly distinguished career. In 2000, she was recognized by the National Association of Business Owners as a Distinguished Woman in Southern Nevada. In 2005, she made the exclusive list of the Most Influential People in Las Vegas. She is the Past National President and a 25 year member of The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). In 2008, she was awarded Crystal Vision Award which celebrates the achievements of individuals with vision who promote, expand, and encourage the role of women in the construction industry. Her experience and industry knowledge are highly beneficial to the continuing growth of Par•4.

Jennifer Blanchard, Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing, Jennifer’s background of bringing five prior companies from start-up to fruition has given her the skill set and vision necessary to position Par•4’s golf courses for success. She understands the importance of branding, keeping abreast of marketplace dynamics, and how to effectively influence buying decisions.

Matt Utter, Director of Sales

Matt’s knowledge and experience in all facets of the golf industry began with a graduate program internship in California with American Golf Corporation where he worked for five years alongside some of the best in the business. The accolades he receives from both new and repeat customers alike are a testament to his professionalism. From small group outings to large corporate events, Matt has the skill and expertise to deliver a phenomenal experience to each client.

Derrick Hunter, PGA, Director of Golf

Derrick brings a wealth of experience both as a player and as an exceptional Golf Professional. An honors graduate of New Mexico State University, Class-A member of the PGA, and a winner of events throughout New Mexico and Nevada, Derrick earned the respect of Par•4’s founders while working at one of Las Vegas’ most prestigious country clubs. Since that time, he has been an invaluable member of the Par•4 management team and instrumental in the success of our facilities.